The Lord's Prayer - My analysis of the prayer our Lord Jesus Christ gave us to pray to our Father in Heaven

A Miracle 1977 - Providence Hospital-El Paso, Texas a very real Miracle occurred in 1977. These are "Just the Facts".

America Land of the Free WTF - Land of the Taxes. How is anyone who has to pay to work “Free”? Free we are not. We pay to work

This site is dedicated to my wife Miki. I love her dearly with all my earthly heart. If my heart has a beat that beat is for her.

There are times when one just has to sit and wonder "how did this planner get out of kindergarden?" Yes sir an engineering marvel.

Why has the US gone back to heroin as the drug of choice? Remember back in the “French Connection” days?

The cornerstone for both programs is squirting out babies. The more babies you make; the more money the government gives you.

Book preview -The Billion Dollar Highway is Arizona Interstate 19. Illegal drug route from Nogales to Tucson 

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